Sunday, November 16, 2008


Look Prissy is on my head, my shirt and on my chair beside me! I love Prissy! I call her "Pissy"

It's Playtime!

We got up early this morning and went walking at the mall, then afterwards, I got to play at the play area at the mall! I had so much fun climbing on the grapefruit, toast, steak, eggs, coffee, salt, fork and spoon! Standing on top of the hot sauce cap! I'm so big, I couldn't do this last time!
Sitting on the fork and spoon! (see the egg and steak behind me?) How silly!

Going under the salt!

Climbing into the coffee!

Where's Harrison?

Here I am! IN the bookshelf! (with Prissy's "necklace" on) I love wearing any necklace! Here I am! Under the desk with Aggie! We're playing ball!
Here I am in the shelf!


Andrew turned 2 today! He's my friend, with red hair (with the blue ball) We had such a fun time at his house playing and acting silly! Jett and I eating popcorn on top of the counter! We're being silly!

We're all playing in the ball pit! I love it!

Silly boy!

On top and in the middle of my train track!

Election day! Go Sarah!

This was the 1st election of my lifetime. Wow, what a day. I wore my little Republican shirt. After work, Mom, me and the dogs went outside and played on my "side" (slide) and looked at the planes and the moon. I love looking at the moon and finding planes. I'm great at spotting them when I hear them! What a fun day!

I love to Vaccum!

I love to Vacuum! It's so fun. I help Ms. Laura and Mommy vacuum. Mom bought me this new vacuum and I don't want to leave it at home. It has gone everywhere with me since I got it. This is me in the car holding my vacuum! Mom says I'm crazy!

Big boy-eating with my spoon!

Look, I'm getting so big. I use my fork and spoon to eat!


I love to stack things-anything really. But I especially like to stack my blocks with my Daddy! Then "Crash" they fall down.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's finally Halloween Night!

On Halloween, we started the night with pictures by our pumpkins then went trick -or- treating at the neighbors house for a few minutes, then went to Prestonwood Baptist Church for a carnival. MORE GAMES. I was in game heaven. I played 10 games or more but never got tired of it. After I played a game, I got to pick out candy and put it in my pumpkin. Then we were finished and all shared a corn dog and a lemonade. And last we went to Grandma and Grandpa Pfister's and surprised them for trick-or-treating! What a fun night!

Don't get up-I'll steal your chair!

I think it's so funny to steal chairs. If you get up, watch out. I might sneak behind you and sit in your chair. I'm not too sneaky though because I crack up when I do it. My parents just laugh at me.

MOMS Club Halloween Party!

My friend Andrew (the duck) and I (the puppy) posing for a picture.
Below: My friend Paige dressed as Princess Leah. She was funny!

We had our Halloween Party for MOMS Club at the park. It was so much fun. We played games and went trick-or-treating.

Halloween Party at the ZOO!

Daddy playing with my finger puppets with me. I love my daddy!
I'm almost as big as the "big" penguin.

YEAH!! I love playing games! I'm pretty good at throwing these bags into the holes.

Mom and Dad took me to the Dallas Zoo for a Halloween Party! We saw "melmo" (ELMO), Played games, went trick-or-treating and saw the animals! It was such a fun day!

My 1st Halloween Party! Little Gym Party

We had so much fun at the Little Gym Halloween Party. I played games and got to choose prizes. I picked all the balls. It was a fun night!

I'm a good helper! Just ask me!

In the morning, I love to get up on the counter and "help" Mommy get ready! This is me "helping".
HAT! HAT! Everyone must wear hats! This is me "helping" mommy cook!

As soon as Daddy walked in the door he too had to wear my "hat". I'm such a good helper!